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  • Tractors and traction equipment
  • Spare parts and accessories, embedded electronics
  • Tilling, sowing, planting
  • Agro chemical, fertilizer, pesticides, insecticides
  • Irrigation system
  • Harvestry (fodder, cereals, root, fruits and vegetables, etc.)
  • Post-harvestry (cleaning, sorting, drying, conservation)
  • Process, food packaging
  • Equipment for tropical and special crops
  • Handling, transportation, storage, and buildings
  • Breeding equipment
  • Dairy and milking products
  • Breeders and breeder associations
  • Creation and maintenance of rural and wooded areas
  • Professional landscaping equipment
  • Sustainable development, renewable energy Trimming tools, mower, multi-function electric tools, greenhouse structure
  • Seeds, organic fertilizer, efficient fertile solution, nursery materials and equipment
  • greenhouse materials and equipment
  • Professional organization, services, consultancy
  • Management and IT software